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    Kenya Oyadara-Osuntola, offers a variety of Wellness services Including, Women’s Massage & Reiki Comfort Touch, Pre-Natal Massage, Astrological Consultation and Heartfulness Work, Sacred Space Interior Decor Consultation, Chakra Assessment and Balancing as well as Classes, Gatherings and Retreats. She has 15 years of experience in Womens’ Healing modalities.

  • Reikissage

    Reikissage for Woman (Massage with notes of Reiki) Bodywork or Therapeutic Touch is a journey and soooooo many of us are walking around Touch deprived and completely unaware. Do you have tension in your body and lack of flexibility? Do you have problems concentrating or sleeping? Do you have poor circulation? Are you hyperactive, nervous or have high anxiety or panic attacks? Regular Therapeutic Touch can bring quick positive changes to your mood, nervous and circulatory systems 😉...make an appointment today!

    Inspirational Astrology

      Consultations and Classes

    Your Birthchart is the Roadmap of your Soul!

    Know Thyself! Discover and Uncover your Soul Path and or Love Style, Demystify Relationships and Events...Know the most and least favorable times take action and to be still...Get a Consultation Today!



    Holistic Wellness Guidance & Consulting

    Well Being + Vitality

    Intuitive Wellness Guidance and Consulting for support as you transition off of prescription medications, to safely transition into Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle, for a plan to help eliminate allergies and education on foods, vitamins, supplements and therapies to move you toward your picture of optimal health.

    Sacred Space Goddess

    Because Every Goddess Deserves a Temple

    Adding Beauty, Balance and Sacredness Interiors


    Heartfulness Guidance, Classes & Retreats

    Learn to feel Loved and Be Loving

    Feeling Loved and Being Loving are the most rewarding ways of being possible. Lets take your Joy and fulfillment to another level!

    Womb Massage

    A soothing and invigorating Indigenous Practice that clears, tones and charges the Wombspace

    Appropriate for girls and women of all stages of life (not Pre-Natal)

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